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Just DO IT: A Simple Goal Framework

Just DO IT.

Everyone should have four types of goals, inspected and then refreshed every 90 days. I borrowed from Nike's brand slogan (and Shia LeBeouf) to coin "DO IT" - an easy to remember acronym as you create goals under each type.

And the concept scales to professional, personal, and even company goals.

Note: your actual goals and the amount of effort related to each will change based on the 90 day period, but the types shouldn't change.

They include:

😀 Development Goals: Investments you make in yourself and others to improve the ability to do something. Examples: Training, Skill Development, Engagement.

⚙ Operational Goals: Making permanent but small, incremental improvements in how you fulfill your core purpose. Examples: Reducing Waste, Improving Quality, Improving Productivity.

🕸 Interpersonal Goals: Building and strengthening relationships within your network while expanding the boundaries of the network. Examples: Alignment, Diversity, Trust.

🦋 Transformational Goals: Achieving a new status quo through applied innovation. While your progress may be incremental, the result is a "leapfrog" strategic change. Examples: Market Share, Graduating Innovations to Wider Release, First to Market.

What are you waiting for, give it a shot!


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