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Leadership Alignment

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Digital Transformation Blueprint

Problem: I have an aspirational strategy for my organization (or need to develop one) and need an effective, non-invasive, low-cost approach to systemically begin identifying and removing barriers in the way of achieving it.

Outcome: Crystal clarity into the problems to be solved and what an ideal future state looks like.

Description: Quantify, qualify, and begin to resolve the challenges your business faces on the path toward achieving your ideal future state in your selected market.

Fixed Total Cost: Free

Total Duration With Client: 2 Weeks

Resistance Relief Workshop

Problem: I am about to begin or have begun efforts to introduce changes to how my company operates and am struggling with passive or outright resistance to the change, resulting in us falling short of our change goals.

Outcome: A better-aligned team in support of your change along with a clear plan to build advocacy and breakthrough any remaining resistance.

Description: Overcome resistance to changes toward a new ways of working through a facilitator-led workshop that helps your change leaders navigate and negotiate your current internal context.

Fixed Total Cost: $10,700

Total Duration With Client: 1 Months

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Psychological Safety Workshop

Problem: The inability of my team to embrace healthy conflict, admit weakness, and raise red flags with our approach has led to missed market opportunities, poor quality products, and a bad team experience.

Outcome: Groundwork to develop psychological safety laid among influential teams paired with initial practice and a roadmap for continuous team improvement.

Description: Create the environment necessary for adaptability, speed, and client centricity to flourish by improving psychological safety among your teams.

Total Fixed Cost: $10,700

Total Duration With Client: 1 Month

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