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The Habits

Think of the 12 Habits as the guiding principles for how we show up at Agile Turtle for you. Yeah, you - we're talking about you, the reader!

1. Work Hard

Nothing in the universe is more powerful than hard work. Sure, you should always work smarter but if you aren't outworking yourself then you'll never achieve your full potential.

2. Run Towards The Guns

Union officer Joshua Chamberlain may have saved the United States when he led a daring bayonet charge at the Battle of Gettysburg. When things get hard, you run directly at the problem alongside your team - no matter the odds.

3. Tie Your Shoes

The famous basketball coach John Wooden spent hours teaching his team how to roll their socks and tie their shoes. He wasn't crazy. He understood that attention to the little things made the big things easier.

4. Ask For Help

No one does anything great alone. Saying "I don't know" or asking for help is one of the most powerful skills in a world where it can be perceived as a weakness.

5. Humble Confidence

You don't know everything. Stop acting like it. Be confident in your skillset but don't rub it in.

7. Fall To Your Standards

You only fall as far as the standards you've set for yourself and expect from others. Set them high.

8. Perfect Practice

The best outcomes come from perfect repetition. Build practice in your day to day and you never have to worry about performing when the game starts.

9. Take Risks

Nothing great has ever been accomplished without taking on some sort of risk. Take calculated risks and fail hard in order to succeed.

11. Forgive Yourself

Some people aren't satisfied until they've gone ten rounds with themselves. Stop beating yourself up. Learn and let it go.

12. Believe

Some of the best experiences and greatest innovation couldn't be planned out in advance. Believe that you're on this Earth for a reason and run after your dreams unapologetically.

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