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Strategy consultants. Agile fads. They're everywhere. And they're fast. Darting back and forth, looking for a gap in your garden fence to feast on your carefully-cultivated business. 

We live in a world where industry opportunists will sell you the next process, technology, or framework to improve your business faster than you can say "Carrot Cake".

Don't get us wrong. We love rabbits.


But at Agile Turtle, we believe there is a simpler and more cost effective way to adapt and grow your business without sacrificing the time-tested fundamentals of running a successful organization.

Plant in vase

Our mission is to help you achieve your purpose by doing more with less and improving your confidence in your organization's ability to deliver value to the right customer at the right time.

We accomplish that through helping you master the best ways of working using our simplelow barrier to entry, white glove experience that puts your unique needs at the center of our universe.

We call those ways of working "The Way".

So why the heck would we name our organization after one of the slowest creatures on Earth?

Sea turtle

As it turns out, turtles are the perfect metaphor for an adaptable, value-driven, and efficient business.

If they survive their early stage of life, they can live over 100 years.

They have been adapting for over 200 million years.

There are many, many different species of them that all flourish in their unique ecosystems. 

They are deliberate and move with purpose.

So yeah, we'll stick with turtles

The Habits

We are more than a mission and a cool name. Read on here to learn about the Twelve Habits that serve as the foundation of who we are at Agile Turtle.

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