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Strategy Realization

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Delivery Framework Fitness

Problem: I’m unsure whether the operational framework we’ve selected (SAFe, LeSS, Lean, Waterfall) meets our needs in our current state, based on poorly performing business measures, team member feedback, or external research into other models.

Outcome: Increased effectiveness of the delivery framework you've chosen to implement in your unique context.

Description: Understand whether the operational framework or approach you've selected is the right fit for your organization's current state, while allowing us to optimize it.

Fixed Total Cost: $5,400

Total Duration With Client: 1 Month

Innovation Incubator

Problem: I need to protect and bring new ideas to market instead of being cannibalized by the rest of the organization’s product lines.

Outcome: Install an innovation hub, governance model, and the people you need to continuously develop and graduate new innovation into your existing business.

Description: Take your innovation incubation strategy from a mess of wires to a sustainable, intentional approach that will ultimately create distance between you and your competition in the long term

Fixed Total Cost: $28,500

Total Duration With Client: 2 Months

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Product Design Sprint

Problem: I need to test the most important elements of a product with a real external customer base or internal user and don’t have time to wait.

Outcome: Validated solution with a specific end or internal customer.

Description: A week-long rapid design sprint that starts with a problem and ends with a working prototype that you can test with your end customers. Whether your problem involves software or is completely "tech free", we can help.

Total Fixed Cost: $29,600

Total Duration With Client: 1 Month

Custom Execution Services

Problem: I urgently need an execution expert to help me accelerate the delivery of a project, product, or team’s operations.

Outcome: Custom coaching plan that delivers on a faster time to market for the impacted product, project, or team.

Description: Establish and execute on specific goals for a team, teams, or a unique project within your organization by working with an implementation expert to bring your ideas to life.

Fixed Total Cost: Variable, Per Engagement

Total Duration With Client: Variable, Per Engagement

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