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Transformation Enablement

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Business Agility Roadmap

Problem: I know I need to be more adaptable, move faster, and improve efficiency as an organization but don’t know where and how to start.

Outcome: An understanding of and aligned path to promote the strengths and improve opportunities within your organization that will create incremental adaptability.

Description: Understand the elements of an adaptable business that you can start improving now while also developing a roadmap for change.

Fixed Total Cost: $9,400

Total Duration With Client: 1 Month

Org Structure Redesign BluePrint

Problem: Functional department siloes are causing us to miss market windows, slowing us down, preventing healthy information exchange, and creating issues with the quality of our products.

Outcome: An aligned-to understanding of the future organizational model you will move your organization toward.

Description: Use state-of-the-practice models to create a more resilient and adaptable operating model that is paired with an equally adaptable management system.

Fixed Total Cost: $12,900

Total Duration With Client: 1 Month

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Image by Pavel Neznanov

Agility Center of Excellence Accelerator

Problem: I have a centralized teams of agile change agents who are leading the change, but don’t feel like we’re making enough traction fast enough.

Outcome: A stronger, more confident center of excellence with a clear plan to accelerate the work of transformation.

Description: Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your current PMO, agile coaching team, or organizational center of excellence for transforming your business.

Total Fixed Cost: $23,500

Total Duration With Client: 2 Months

Product Delivery Talent Accelerator

Problem: I have teams in place serving in key digital transformation roles, but need to raise their skill up to industry-leading product development methods.

Outcome: A clear understanding of strengths and weaknesses of pivotal product roles along with a foundation to rapidly grow your people into agents of digital transformation.

Description: Grow your people to become the best they can possibly be in new ways of working by first understanding what’s in their way.

Fixed Total Cost: $26,700

Total Duration With Client: 2 Months

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