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Strategy Creation

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OKR Accelerator

Problem: My organization doesn’t have simple, memorable goals or is struggling to help all of my teams understand our existing goals.

Outcome: Clear and simple goals that resonate throughout your entire organization, along with a communication plan to cultivate them at all levels.

Description: Unstick your Objectives and Key Results adoption or get started for the first time by working with us to take your goals to the next level.

Fixed Total Cost: $9,400

Total Duration With Client: 1 Month

Measurement Strategy

Problem: I’m flying blind and don’t know the quantifiable impact of transformational activities or what to measure.

Outcome: Piece of mind that the most important outcomes are visible to the teams who need them and that the organization is making data driven decisions.

Description: Establish and activate how you will measure the near and mid-term success of your organization and transformation.

Fixed Total Cost: $5,000

Total Duration With Client: 3 Weeks

Image by Diana Polekhina
Image by Norbert Braun

Competitive Strategy Accelerator

Problem: I need to create or refine my strategic choices in how I will win the market segment I aspire to serve versus my competitors.

Outcome: A healthy and mature strategic approach to winning with a list of key experiments you will run to validate its effectiveness.

Description: Clearly understand your company’s strengths, weaknesses, and competitive edge within the market you aspire to serve while also developing your strategic “how” to meet your business goals.

Total Fixed Cost: $13,400

Total Duration With Client: 2 Months

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