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Your Career's Product Vision

Are you stuck in your career? Struggling with a job search? Or maybe feel like you aren't reaching your potential? Try this: write a product vision for yourself.

It's going to feel weird, but trust me: you'll gain an incredible amount of clarity after the exercise.

Here's a draft of one I recently worked with a colleague on, using Geoffrey Moore's format:

😀 For a marketing company C-Suite leader in a primarily digital industry,

😕 Who needs to improve the efficiency of their B2C social campaigns,

🍧 My product is my time and skills learned through years of experience

📈 That, when applied to the leader's context, will translate to a 20%+ improvement in both awareness and high intent to buy leads.

🚫 Unlike Universal McCann or other independent consultants,

🏅 My product is less expensive while delivering high quality experiences and learning that stay with the company long after the campaigns are over.

Try it for yourself!

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