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Modern Product Skills

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Looking to brush up on your skills as a product leader?

Below are the three competencies to focus on and a sample subset of skills within each.

What do you think we missed?

📈 Market Skill

1. Competitive Dynamics: Do you understand the competition in your TAM's target customer segment and can you assess competitive advantage?

2. Customer Empathy: How close to your target customer are you? Do you live and breathe their day to day, spending atleast half of your week with them in some capacity?

3. Financial Acumen: Can you understand a balance sheet and a cashflow statement? Do you know how to leverage financial forecasting models?

4. Product Ante: Do you have a grasp of the changing baseline of "ante's" in your TAM's target customer segment that include the minimum expected functionality of ALL products in it?

🏗 Technical Skill

1. Economic Trade Offs: Do you understand the fundamental process of making tradeoffs between work?

2. Goal Integration: Are you able to integrate the company's vision, mission, and competitive strategy into your product's goals?

3. Fit-To-Team: Do you understand how to break down work, visualize it, and package it to a level that is appropriate and understandable by the team?

4. Organization: Do you work with your teams to design a workflow that strikes the right balance between predictive and adaptive delivery patterns, while increasing the cycles of learning between customers and what you're building?

😃 Interpersonal Skill

1. Navigation: Are you relentless in aligning leaders and other teams across the organization to the goals of the product?

2. Technical Empathy: Can you walk the walk with engineers by knowing enough about the architecture, how the product is built, and reading the underlying code itself if needed?

3. Humility: Are you curious and open to new ideas, while also confident in the skills you bring to the table?

4. Resiliency: Are you balanced in the good times and bad? Are you calm, approachable, and unflappable most of the time?

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