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Effective One on Ones

Stop running project status meetings in your one on ones.

When you meet with your leader, don't leave the value of the time to chance and use a standard approach every time.

Here's a good format, which I recommend writing up and either sending over email or physically bringing to the meeting (in the order below):

🎁 Wins. The top three wins or accomplishments you've had since the last time you've met. Yes, even personal wins outside of work count. Failures you learned from also count as wins, too.

📒 Priorities. The top three to five priorities with discrete outputs or outcomes you will achieve before you meet next.

🆘 Help Needed. No, don't CYA or call them watch outs without a clear call to action. Ask for help. What do you need your leader to do before the next time you meet?

🎖 Development Goal Progress. Share a two to three sentence update on the progress you've made against your development goals. Don't have development goals? Great! This is a prompt to create them out.

📬 Leader Updates. Use the last portion of your 1:1 as an opportunity for your leader to share whatever they need to share with you. This creates discipline and ensures the update happens in the context of your own progress.

Try it out and let me know how it goes. And leaders - up the ante of accountability in your one on ones by requiring this format for the next time you meet.

You'll be surprised in the quality of time spent and new connections made.

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