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The Importance of One On Ones

There is no excuse for failing to meet with your direct team members one-on-one, every single week or pushing your one-on-ones to strange times of the day, abbreviated 5 minute sessions, or multitasking during them.

If you do any of the above, time to look in the mirror and ask yourself if you actually want to be a leader.

The people on your team are giving you and your company invaluable time that cannot be remade. The absolute minimum response is a sliver of your time to help them grow.

Had a vacation and are buried with work on your return? Not an excuse.

Too involved in "strategic projects"? Not an excuse.

Overwhelmed and stressed yourself? Not an excuse.

Your leader doesn't meet with you? Not an excuse.

Dread meeting with lower performing team members? Not an excuse.

Your team is too big? Not an excuse.

Honor your one on ones as the most important time you spend in a week. Or, just stop leading.

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