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The Client-Down Hierarchy

How often do you hear "top-down"? Or, "top of the organization"?

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Probably once a day. It's how modern organizations are structured, which isn't going to change in the foreseeable future due to the fiduciary responsibility placed on executive leadership.

But ask yourself this question: who would have the power in decision making if we were organized "customer-down" or "customer-in"?

Visualize how your organization would operate with the customer at the top of the hierarchy and the teams who directly interact with the customer next in the hierarchy.

Where in the hierarchy would the C-Suite actually sit?

Would how you make investments and decisions change? Would who makes those decisions change? Would who reports to whom change?

My guess is: absolutely. Imagine product managers or front line client care advocates (at the bottom of the traditional hierarchy) making investment decisions.

This is the rough blueprint for the goal of digital transformation and is the primary reason successful companies sustain success, however scary that may feel.

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