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Martina Lauchengco's "Loved" in Thirteen Seconds

Updated: May 24, 2023

There are only 6 possible outcomes of a product’s go-to-market strategy.


Or, as Martina Lauchengco puts it in her incredible book “Loved”, 6 building blocks that can be stacked together depending on your own strategy and phase of growth your company is in:

1. Enable revenue growth

2. Increase conversion of specific customers

3. Generate broader awareness

4. Define or reshape an entire category, ecosystem, or platform

5. Create customer loyalty and evangelism

6. Develop a new customer segment, partner, or program

That’s it. Don’t overcomplicate it. Stay focused.

Put the blocks together in a meaningful way that supports your goals and spends your valuable time & dollars so that the blocks are not in conflict with one another.

Oh, and read Martina’s book, too. Check it out here.


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