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Communication Breakdowns

Up to 50% of information is lost in communicating about something you heard or saw first hand to the NEXT person.

So how much context and content is lost in communicating about a team member or client need if you’re just the third person in a communication chain?

Answer: you’ve lost 75% of information as a third-hand receiver of a message, and over 86% of the information as a fourth-hand receiver. Fifth hand? Over 93% of the original information has disappeared. You are working with 7% truth.

I’ve watched teams spend weeks, months, and years working on something where they were 3, 4, 5 or even more levels removed from the source of information or the need due to handoffs in communication.

They might as well have been throwing darts at a tea cup sized target from 300 yards away.

Stay close to the source of information in developing a solution. Don’t daisy chain communication. Eliminate dependencies.

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