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Multitasking: The Productivity Killer

How many of us have been on a Teams or Zoom call, had our attention veer to an email, then to your phone, and then back to your to-do list -- all while still processing the outcome of your previous meeting?

Stop multi-tasking. Even if you think you can do it successfully, neuroscience has proven you absolutely can't. And you're sacrificing quality, sanity, and your own well-being whenever you do it. You're also sacrificing the same thing for your teams if you're in a leader role, constantly shifting your teams' focus throughout the day.

In fact, every time you shift your attention to something else, quality takes about a 20-40% hit. Your brain needs to "restart" itself to re-focus on what you were previously doing -- an effort that takes anywhere from 5-15 minutes depending on if you're doing shallow thinking (administrative) or deep thinking work.

Here is an excellent resource on how to better plan and structure your day to end multi-tasking, once and for all.


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